Sep 03

August 2014 meeting notes

Nominations are to be held in September at the  regularly scheduled meeting for the office positions of:
1.) Vice President of the board
2.) Trustee

Candidates need to attend at least half the monthly meetings at the Elks.
Candidates who are not able to attend the meeting must provide written notification of their interest in these positions.

Our local lodge is supporting Martha Coakley

Three delegates will be assigned to attend the Eastern States Conference.

Local lodge 1271 votes and approves $700 to be donated to Guide Dogs Of America

In Political news: PAY ATTENTION!
Ballot initiative No. 4
Become informed and vote!!!!

Jul 19

2014 Calendar photo entries

There is still time to showcase the work your members do in the IAM Calendar.

The deadline to enter the 2014 IAM Photo Contest has been extended to August 1, 2014.

The official call and entry form in English and French are attached.

Winning photos will be featured in the 2015 IAM Calendar. Photos should be of IAM, TCU or NFFE members in good standing and taken by an IAM, TCU or NFFE member in good standing.

Complete contest rules are in the official call.

Some tips to remember:

 1.  Use a quality digital camera set for best picture quality (and turn off the date/time stamp).
 2.  Make sure subjects are wearing proper safety gear and following good safety practices.
 3.  Photos that show the diversity of our membership and the work they do are helpful.
 4.  Fill out the entry forms completely, the information you provide is used for the photo captions and winners’ information.

Go to
Go to
 to view the 2013 contest winners.

Apr 16

Meeting notes April 16th

Union – Mngmnt meeting this morning was productive.

Voting is open until 8:40pm this eve for Grande Lodge Officers.
Get over to the Elks and excercise your right to influence your union leadership.

We all participated in a lively discussion.
Join us next month and add your two cents!!

Mar 20

Grand Lodge Officers’ Election Save the Date April 16, 2014

Grand Lodge Officers’ Election
Save the Date April 16, 2014
The nomination for the Grand Lodge Officer’s completed. This included International President, General Secretary Treasurer, and General Vice Presidents of the territories.
The election shall take place on April 16, 2014 from 9:00am until 8:40pm at the Lawrence Elks located at 652 Andover St Lawrence Ma.
Please make an effort to attend this very important meeting.

Paul R Salemme
Secretary Treasurer
Local Lodge 1271

Mar 19

Meeting March 19th

Election April 16th for International president and IAM board. Use absentee ballot if you need to. This is very important!!! At the Elks Lodge in the same place that we have our meetings. 9am until 8:40pm!!!

FYI – in the past our local has voted in favor of the current slate.

(these people manage decisions made on your behalf, including your pensions)

Good turn out tonight!!!

New England Conference – April 26th and 27th, Groton Connecticut
Up to four members from our local will be in attendance.
1.) Keith G
2.) John Humms
3.) Harvey M
4.) Denis B – alternate
5.) Bill T

Tellers for nominations voting days:
1.) Ricky,M
2.) Shawn
3.) Alex

AT&t offers discounts for aflcio members contracted with their services.

Mar 19

Notice of Election for IAM International President, General Secretary-Treasurer, and 8 General Vice PresidentsPosted on March 17, 2014

Notice of Election for IAM International President, General Secretary-Treasurer, and 8 General Vice PresidentsPosted on March 17, 2014

In accordance with the provisions of Article III of the IAM Constitution, the IAM will conduct elections for the offices of International President, General Secretary-Treasurer and 8 General Vice Presidents for terms ending on June 30, 2017. In Canada, elections will be conducted for the offices of International President and General Secretary-Treasurer only.
Voting for these Grand Lodge officers will be held at the first or only meeting of local lodges in the month of April 2014.  In March 2014, all members will be mailed to their last known address a Notice of the date, time, and location of voting in their local lodge, and an absentee ballot request form. A list of the dates, times and locations of all IAM local lodge election meetings will be posted on “Grand Lodge Officers Election Notice” page on
 no later than March 24, 2014.
Only members in good standing of the local lodge will be permitted to vote in the elections of Grand Lodge officers. All eligible members who arrive at the polls before closing will be permitted to cast their ballots. Polls will remain open for this purpose, if necessary.
Members who (1) reside more than 25 miles from the designated balloting place for their local lodge,* or (2) are confined because of verified illness, or (3) are on leave qualifying under U.S. or Canadian family leave law, or (4) are on vacation,** or (5) are on official IAM business, or (6) are unable to vote during polling hours due to employer assignment or shift, or (7) are on military leave, may vote by absentee ballot, upon request.
Eligible members wishing to receive an absentee ballot must complete an Absentee Ballot Request Form or a letter including the same information, and should deliver it in person or mail it no later than 10 days before the voting date of your local lodge to your local lodge recording secretary or, in the absence of the recording secretary, to the local lodge secretary-treasurer. For assistance and additional information about how to contact your recording secretary to obtain an absentee ballot, ask your shop steward, or call the IAM Membership Department at (301) 967-4525. For a copy of the Absentee Ballot Request Form, click here.
Your local lodge recording secretary will confirm your eligibility to vote by absentee ballot and mail you a ballot and instructions within 48 hours after receipt of your request. Members found not eligible to vote by absentee ballot will be so notified by mail within 48 hours after receipt of the request.
Absentee ballots must be received by your local lodge via mail in the designated P.O. Box on or before the time and date stated in the absentee ballot instructions included with the absentee ballot. Absentee ballots received after the time and date included in the absentee ballot instructions will not be counted.
Protest Procedures
As these elections are being supervised by the U. S. Department of Labor (DOL), all protests concerning the IAM elections process shall be filed in writing with DOL as soon as possible but no later than May 23, 2014, and should be addressed to Geneva Ferrando, DOL Election Supervisor, 800 N. Capitol Street, NW, Suite 120, Washington, DC 20002, telephone (202) 513-7309, fax (202) 513-7301, email:olmselectionsupervisor@dol.govThis
 e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
*Distance is determined by the closest internet driving distance.
**Vacation is only a valid reason for active employees; it is not a valid reason for retirees to receive an absentee ballot.

Nov 20

November 20th meeting notes – Crown shift-steward nominations. . .

Welcome Glenda Garcia! You are a Fighting Machinist!
Newly hired Production Associate. . .
“give it hell!”

. . .reading of the minutes, . .

Report of Secretary Treasurer. PAUL SELEMME. . .

A-SHIFT: KIM & SHAWN (a vote will proceed)

Donations were requested and collected for our Canadian striking brothers!
$241 was collected from members personally and the 1271 added another $100.
It will be mailed to support our Canadian brothers and sisters.

IAM app is updated and available for download. . .

. . Reports of commitees. . .
Can we get together and get some organizing done?

Good of the union:
This is an excellent discussion on several key issues.
You should be here.
You missed a chance to make your voice heard, to participate in the discussions and to be informed.

Next month is the Christmas party. Our budget is set at $250 for party favors!!!! Yay!!!

Stay tuned for more of tonight’s meeting notes. . .